Monday, July 2, 2012

Uggs in the Summer


Uggs, we've talked about them before ladies, but now it's serious! I've been seeing too many girls with Uggs on hot summer days. Some have pants on, leggings, and even shorts. Now if you are wearing shorts that is a signal that your body is hot because of the weather, right? I guess not for these girls because their whole outfit is a contradiction, "shorts because it's hot, but Uggs because it's cold." 

Okay now, this one gets me really good, a tank top, shorts, wait for it, AND UGGS! That just tips the scale and throws the world upside down, not really but it is a fashion don't. Uggs are like slippers for when you get out of bed and your feet are a bit cold. So when you wear a tank, shorts and Uggs you look completely under dressed in the fashion way and in the literal way. 

Also when you look at someone's outfit you start at the top and look down, put into dialog, "Oh she has nice hair, I like her make up. Aww I love that top, nice denim shorts." Brace for impact, "Oh what? Why is she wearing Uggs, it's not even cold out, and they so ruined her whole look." Ta-da, simply put, no Uggs in the summer. 

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