Sunday, July 22, 2012

Biore Pore Strips


Biore's Deep Cleansing Pore Sprips, are always a necessity in anyone's bathroom cabinet. Guys and girls get clogged pores from time to time and just scrubbing and washing your face doesn't always help. To get rid of black heads and, or just clogged pores you should purchase these pore strips. You just wash your face, wet your nose and apply the strip, wait a while until it drys and then YANK that strip off and see what nasty stuff is in your pores! 


  • Before applying the strip to your nose steam your face over a hot pot of water to open pores or place a warm, damp towel over your nose. 
  • Make sure that the strip, while drying on your nose, is secure and stays down because you don't want it to dry sticking up. Otherwise you wouldn't unclog your pores! 
  • When you are done using the strips, wash your nose off, scrub and use pore reducer or cold, cold water to close up your pores after. 

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