Thursday, May 31, 2012



Sunscreen is super important for the summer and in fact anytime you are outside for a long time while the sun is out. You can still get burned when the sun is hidden behind clouds. Protect your skin and health with sunscreen to prevent sun damage and possibly skin cancer. Did you know you can get worse wrinkles from being out int he sun often? 

I love the sun and seldom put sunscreen on, because I like getting some color. Other people are religious sunscreen users! Sunscreen has many different protection strengths and even if you are out in the sun just for a bit or the sun isn't that "strong" use the maximum strength you can find. SPF 100 sounds great huh? 

Okay, so there are sprays and creams, roll-ons and even wipes. Creams rub off in water, sprays make your skin sticky and tight so find sunscreen brands that stay on in sweat, water, etc. without the tight feeling on your skin. Sport sunscreens are best. 

Now if you get burned use Aloe Vera. It's this green jelly looking stuff that comes from the Aloe Vera cactus. If you have one in your backyard, harvest it's relieving power by breaking open one of it's reeds and squeezing out the inside juice. This will help dull the firey pain that you get from a sun burn. 

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