Thursday, May 24, 2012

10 Nail Ideas


<3 1) Stripes - Have a steady hand and drag brush down a base coat polish with other colors or use a polish pen or toothpick. 

<3 2) Neon - Don't go overboard with neon, but dress your nails up for a fun night out. 

<3 3) Polka Dots - Get a Q-tip or any other sized utensil and dab on top of dry base coat. 

<3 4) Glitter - Get glittery nail polish or coat nails with clear polish or any other color and dip nails in a bowl of glitter. 

<3 5) Lace - Cut small amounts of lace ribbon and place on top of still wet nails and let dry onto nails. 

<3 6) French Tips - Easy, you know how! But this time try with bright colors for summer and a base color. 

<3 7) Tie-Dye - Water down or thin with paint thinner to make the polish easier to move around nail with a toothpick or just leave as is an create a design. 

<3 8) Pastel - Think Easter colors! 

<3 9) Half-Moons - Get those binder hole repair stickers and put the hole around the "root" of your nails and paint inside the hole.  

<3 10) Graphic - Use a fine tipped instrument to create boarders, any color black is a good one, but paint your nails before making boarders. Put small amounts of  polish on random parts of your nail and wipe away excess an do boarder. 

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