Friday, June 21, 2013

Fashionable Tie Dye


"Tie-dye—the official print of psychedelic music and hippie stereotypes—is stepping away from its patchouli associations and suddenly looking much more fashionable... While it still retains its casual roots on everything from loose-fit tees (as seen on Nicole Richie and Alessandra Ambrosio) and laidback denim (check out Gwen Stefani), the dying technique lends an interesting update to more formal pieces too. An easy way to add interest to your everyday mix." -Who What Wear
As said by Who What Wear, tie dye is fashionable. It is vibrant and fun to wear, it's everywhere! You can always find stylish looks of clothing that have been tie dyed and still look great. You can even tie dye one of you favorite shirts that has been stained beyond repair. Just dye the shirt, if it's a light enough color, and you will still have your favorite shirt but with a new life. 

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