Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thrifty Yet Stylish Shopping

I always go to TJMaxx, Mashalls, or Target for my clothes! TJMaxx probably has the best selection, although Marshalls is it's sister store. TJ's junior's section is the most well stocked with fashionable shirts, tanks, sweaters, jeans, etc. Marshalls has a bit more of a chola style in the clothes that they carry. And Target's prices can be too high at times. TJMaxx is definitely the best place to go if you are saver with a sense of style. Plus these stores all have huge selections of everything! From shoes, full outfits, bags, scarfs, bras and undies, TJMaxx is the store I advise you to go to to get affordable and fashionable clothes. Good luck! 

                                                                                               - Chelsea

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