Monday, November 14, 2011


No matter who you are, Paris Hilton, to a regular girl. Over-sized anything isn't flattering. And over-sized sunglasses aren't good accessories. Try a smaller sized one, but BUG EYED glasses don't look good on anyone, unless you are Lindsay Lohan, or the Doc. that killed M.J, and you are trying to hide your face... just don't wear them. Besides, all of you are probably not hideous so you'll want and need to show off your beautiful faces! And if you are trying to hid from an ex while stalking him, then... you should take some type of classes, for fashion and mental needs. Always remember that this style is a trend!

Try these, "Aviator" sunglasses, not too big, and for the girls who like bigger glasses, they aren't too small either!
Plus they are super cute and stylish!  

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