Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nike Socks

Guys what is up with this? Practically up to your knees with basketball shorts. I mean come on! And all you wear are T-shirts, get a little bit more creative than that. I’ve seen guys with suits on but casual suits, they look smokin’ hot! Try to color outside of the lines, do something new and different and don’t follow the crowd… (Poser)!!! We all know you’re trying to look like a basketball player, but you probably suck! And yeah you might be cute to some girls, but that “style” just screams DOUCHE! And what I’ve seen all the guys that dress like this hang out in a group with their high socks, sometimes layered, basketball shorts when it’s freezing, hats with the flat rims, and converse, vans, or high top court shoes.

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